Teachers are heroes – one kid at a time

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The last two years have been especially challenging for the educators – the ones who are responsible for getting our children ready for the ‘big world’ and future of work. I admire their effort and dedication to adapt to the challenges they have faced. What a privilege to kickstart the 2022 school year with 2 engagements with teachers.

The first group, teachers of a high school and they are a relatively new team. They have a new principal and a few new teachers on their team. It takes about 6 months for any new team to effectively work together and there are many pitfalls that can get in the way. To support the growth of this team we looked at how successful teams are formed, what predictable dysfunctions can be expected and more importantly, what strategies and rituals can support their 2022 journey.

The second group was extra special. Talking to a group of nursery school teachers. I spoke to them in their beautiful garden, under the trees. It almost felt right to do the talk bare feet, feeling the grass, being grounded – connected to their world. The topic was how to find your sparkle in 2022, and the message was linked to ABC.

A – is about making a meaningful mark in 2022 and being crystal clear on the reason why you get up in the morning.

B – understanding the behaviour that optimise the Brain-Body connection to flourish. We can increase our resilience to cope better with the curveballs in life.

C – it is about continuous tiny tweaks. It links with adopting a growth mindset but is all about not being too hard on yourself when you implement a new habit, but rather continuously tweaking until the new habit is formed.

Today, my kids are young adults and to date, I have so much admiration for the teaching in my children’s life. Some of you are aware that at a point I was a single mom and during that time I have experienced firsthand the difference a teacher can have on the confidence levels and wellbeing of children.

Wishing every teacher, a wonderful school year. I honour you, and acknowledge the impact you have in the future leaders of South Africa.

PS – If you are in a garden, I strongly recommend walking bare feet. AND it also helps to help to stimulate the functioning of your organs.


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