If your actions inspire others  to dream more, learn more, do and become more, you are a leader. 

As an HR professional, I have seen the positive impact on the bottom-line of having a healthy (and happy) corporate culture. A culture where leaders walk the talk with authenticity and communicate with integrity. I have also experienced the flipside of not having a loyal and engaged workforce. As leaders you should never underestimate the impact of your actions and words. Take responsibility for the culture you want to see in your business and ownership of building high performing teams, that leaves a legacy, future leaders in your business will aspire to.

I invite you to have an introductory discussion to allow me to share some of my insights and lessons learned.

Crucial Mentoring Conversation

Be the mentor you wish you had!

Intentional mentors have authentic, insightful and reflective mentoring conversations. Where do you start? How do you mentor? 

This tw0-day workshop is designed to guide leaders to build successful mentoring relationships. This structured approach will help leaders to move away from ad hoc efforts to contributing to the personal and professional development of others. We provide an integrated solution for a mentorship program. This includes the Crucial Mentoring Conversation, VUKANI readiness workshop for mentees, a mentor / mentee matching event and a touch base session to monitor progress.


Career Momentum






Classified Matters


Agile Talent

An Agile mindset is the new way of doing HR.

The focus for the HR team is to continuously deliver value to their stakeholders. Over the past few years the focus for HR has move from an administration role to a strategic partner role. What is next?

Learn about Agile frameworks, discover how Agile teams and organisations work, and get comfortable with words like Scrum, Kanban and incremental development. Next, you translate Agile into HR and people practices, and gain practical tools to start applying the basics of Agile HR back in your own organisation.

Choose between a two-day workshop or consulting approach to learn how the HR / People team can apply the Agile framework and tools to be champions of the Agile way of work. 

Agile is all about making people awesome, deliver continuous value in a safe environment by experimental and continuous learning.

Strategy Session

Are your team stuck? Have you lost the ability to operate as a high-performing team?

This group coaching session is designed to support teams in finding innovative solutions for their mutual goals. This range from finding clarity of the vision to finding a solution to challenges where the team seems to be stuck.

We focus on where you are, where you want to be and how to get there by achieving long-term sustainable results.

Leadership Development

You can choose between a range of workshops. Select the workshop you believe will add most value based on your current reality.  

All workshops have an individual coaching component. The standard workshops are:

  • Leader as Coaches – develop high-performance teams
  • Performance Management – establish a culture of continuous feedback
  • Whole Brain Thinking – effectively communicate, improve your decision making, increase innovation and make a more dynamic contribution by applying the whole brain concept.