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Reflections: first week of lock-down

Day 7 of lockdown! Here are some of my key observations in the first week of lockdown.

– The upside of the lockdown is the opportunity to live “slower”. Less rushing. By having a tea break with my hubby, and take a moment to appreciate the slowness of the time we are in. It has been wonderful to have more time with the kids, which means we spend more quality time together; sitting a tad longer after dinner. Although I’m used to working from home, having the kids here AND the school term officially open, is different cattle of fish. We have been creative to ensure everyone has a place to work without interruptions and ensure productivity.

 Human connection in these times is critical. I went to the local SPAR this morning to get some fresh vegetables. The fascinating part, for me, was to note how strange it was not to see others smiling (as they were wearing masks), yet the powerful interaction with their eye contact. Like many others, I hosted a ZOOM house party with my close friends and I realize that helped me to feel closer to them in these interesting times.

– Thanks to technology, the coaching side of my business was an easy switch to a virtual service. A big disappointment for me was when I officially had to inform the organisers from ATD, an international conference in Denver in the USA, that I will not be able to speak at the conference in May. I was super proud last year when I was selected to be a speaker on Agile leadership. The flip side to all this is that other opportunities came to the fore to virtually inspire and influence via blogs and short videos.

– One of the areas that I’m grateful for is the opportunity to learn new skills. Most of theworkshops that I facilitate are being converted to online workshops and I’m learning these technologies at the speed of light. I recall the one presentation I did just after I started my business in 2017, talking about authentic leadership at the HR Future event. The one concept was about the skills required in 2020. To name a few: virtual collaboration, adaptive thinking, sense-making and new media literacy. In my wildest dreams have I not anticipated how relevant it will be for what we’re going through in 2020.

As we navigate through these uncertain times, I recall the words of King Price’s CEO, Gideon Galloway “never waste a good crisis”.  Whatever this means to you, don’t miss the opportunity to turn inwards and use this to learn, grow and …chill.






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