Reflections: 2 weeks in lockdown, 3 more to go

The past week has been tough – emotionally, personally and professionally.

In my weekly Think Tank meetings with likeminded individuals, it is clear the hardship and challenges we all face in the HR community – the pressure to start reducing salaries in lieu of retrenchments. The big plans for this time not coming together fast enough. How critical HR’s support is during these uncertain times and colleagues are looking towards HR for guidance and confidence… which is sometimes hard as none of us has been here before. On the upside, it is SO enlightening to be able to set up a platform for HR Professionals where we can have a safe space to discuss and brainstorm, where we are at, and how we as a community can support each other.

Two of my friends’ parents passed away (not Corona related). A business associate died of cancer. It is hard not to be able to support or console the families in these difficult times as I would have used to in the pre-COVID-19 world. Not to be able to attend their funerals. A video conference call just isn’t the same as a hug. And then there’s the cabin fever. And let’s not forget the dishes …. and the laundry always piling up!

And with the schools officially open, it adds a different dynamic to my family.

The only way to truly be in control of your life is to be in control of your thoughts. Change your thinking = change your perspective.

During these times, I remind myself of the 3 Ms – perhaps this may also help you?

1️. Mindfulness: To be fully present; to take a moment to “just be”.
2️. Meaningful Connection: We are social beings. It is so easy to feel alone and isolated – if you are wondering how a friend or colleague is doing, send them a message or better, give them a call… the gesture will mean the world.
3️. Movement: Need some inspiration? Two friends Bennie (42) and Peter White (57), two well-known athletes who have completed a Comrades marathon in their yards. Peter ran the length of his driveway 4500 times to complete 90km. It took 11 hours and 45 minutes!



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