Real-time feedback = High-performance (and happier) cultures

Managing a high-performance culture is quite a tricky business. Everyone wants a quick solution, but the truth is that it is a never-ending process.

I have asked the question whether we are missing the plot with performance reviews. I believe that performance reviews provide the structure to link your team’s goals and performance with the strategy of the business – we should not necessarily scrap the process, but rather change our thinking about them.

In a business world where the pace of change is so fast, now more than ever, we need more frequent feedback discussions.



Here are 5 reminders how organisations can roll out a more agile approach to managing performance:

  1. Set clear expectations: Have clear performance goals that are linked to the overall business strategy with objective metrics, so that teams can understand what is expected of them.
  1. Give feedback more often: A single performance review session each year is not effective and regular feedback and discussion should be the norm. In addition to formal feedback sessions, encourage managers to have monthly or even weekly check-ins with their teams.
  1. Keep it simple: Get rid of those long performance review sheets and focus on the most important questions and metrics.
  1. Look towards growth: Rather than dwelling on past glories and failures, focus on what the team member can do to grow in his/her role and how the business can support the person’s ambitions and performance.
  1. Automate the process: Use technology to make the process as user-friendly as possible. Performance trends in the business and within specific teams is insightful and the data can be useful for future decision-making.

Leaders, you must take ownership of creating a culture of continuous feedback.

Use every interaction as an opportunity to influence and reflect on your team’s performance in such a way to build commitment, engagement and achievement of the desired results. This will require dedication and a constant reminder but the result of building a high-performance culture is worth every effort.

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