Cultivating a winning culture – During and post COVID-19

I still remember when Gideon Galloway, MD of King Price Insurance visited Sage VIP Payroll to learn about our culture – this was in 2012. I was the HR Director at the time, and we were intentional about building a value-based culture, so much so that the business won the Deloitte Best Company to Work For, for three consecutive years. I must acknowledge our MD at the time, Anton van Heerden, who held the EXCO team accountable for putting people (employees, customers and the community) at the heart of everything we did.

Today, King Price Insurance is well known for their unique culture and it was an honour to have Marno Boshoff, Culture Evangelist as our guest of the HR & Leader Think Tank. At King Price, everything starts with their purpose #MakingADifference and changing people’s lives. All great cultures start with a clear, powerful company purpose and this is a major motivator for King Price employees.

Herewith a few highlights from the HR & Leader Think Tank discussion:

  • The King Price values form the foundation of their decisions, interaction with customers and how they do business. The one value Marno elaborated on was “Fun with a little madness” as they believe that a fun workplace is a happy workplace and happy employees lead to happy customers. During induction they do not tell the new employees about King Price’s values, they let them play with Lego blocks and ask the recruites to visually showcase what the values mean to them. Marno says by doing this the new recruits remember the companies’ value easily.
  • When the lockdown was implemented and they needed to move their whole 1000 workforce remotely, their managers knew that the “trust factor” was absolutely critical to make their remote workforce thrive. “As a manager can’t see their team physically, they have to be able to trust their team members implicitly. You must trust your team, and your team must be able to trust you.” The managers also recorded 1-minute videos as part of a drive to connect with employees to encourage and engage remotely.
  • Something to consider, as we start to prepare to go back to the workplace after the lockdown, is to think what you want the employees to experience and feel on day 1 back at work. At King Price, they plan to use this opportunity to have a conversation about their purpose and values and what that means in defining their “new normal” at King Price.

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