Amsterdam Reflections: Don’t let your thoughts get in your way

I was recently invited to facilitate a workshops in Amsterdam for a Global Acquisition Team and when I reflect on my time there, a few lessons came to mind that I would love to share:

  1. Don’t get in your own way

I love to travel and have always enjoyed the international trips as part of my corporate responsibilities. When I left my corporate role, I thought that I wouldn’t (again) have the opportunity to travel internationally for work.

Do you also find that your thoughts sometimes get in your own way? I had to remind myself that if I really want to do it, I had to be specific and include it in my intentions for my year ahead. Are your dreams specific and big enough? If they don’t scare you, you might want to revisit them. Having said that, I’m grateful for the people in my network that is supporting me and making my dreams a possibility. 

  1. Get inspiration from art and nature

We often look at other individuals to be inspired. I sometimes overlook and underestimate the inspiration I get from art. By visiting the remarkable museums reminded me to look differently at art and nature to find inspirations.

  1. Be intentional about making memories and spend 1:1 time with your children

The time spent with our kids is so precious. We all know that we should spend alone (quality) time with them…what a privilege to have my daughter accompanying me on this trip to Amsterdam.

I’m so proud of the young lady she has become; it was special to see how she connect with strangers and ‘being all grown-up’. I will treasure this quality time with her for very long. I’m not saying you should take your children on an overseas trip / take them to work with you… 😊 It can be something “small and seemingly ordinary” but be intentional about spending time alone with your kids.

One specific highlight was that it was also ‘trip down memory lane’. After I’ve completed my studies (many moons ago), I worked and travelled in Europe for two years. I have lived in Deventer and shared a house with students. A special friendship was formed and we never lost touch.

So, now, I could show my daughter (pretty much the same age I was back then) the beautiful town of Deventer. The short time we spent with my friends and their kids in Deventer was almost surreal – as if no time has lapsed and the conversation continued as if it was yesterday. The obvious change; we are all grown up… with kids. The connection we had and still have, is truly special.

  1. Create the life you love

This quote resonates with me: “You are not a tree; if you don’t like we you are, then move”. This sounds simple, however, it isn’t always or possible at a chosen moment. Yet, we should think which small step you can take right now to move closer to what you really want. The fear for the unknown can hold you back – choose not to be paralysed by fear.

I’m so lucky to do what I love every day…I think (I hope!) it shows. This comment from a LinkedIn connection touched my heart and will always be close when I ever doubt the journey I am on: “You are always up to something new and never sit still. Full of energy, passion and creativity”.  – Thank you!!

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