2020: The year to give ourselves grace + focus on being curious.

Three, two, one… helloooooooo 2020!

Are you ready for this new decade?

How do you close off the year before you go into a new one? Do you reflect at all or do you just try and forget?

There is power in the pause. Consider if you were intentional about closing the past year? You need to do so, to ensure you have the capacity to start your new plans for 2020 with zest.

When listening to friends and family, it seems as if many people have experienced 2019 as a challenging year. Perhaps you can relate? You need to remember that as your heartbeat goes up and down, you can expect highs and lows in every year, at every life stage and situation.

I always remind myself to be intentional about how I’m showing up in these moments of highs and lows. I’m mindful of what my behaviour portrays in these moments. The same applies to start a new year. You need to be mindful and reflect on how you were showing up in the past year before starting the new one.

I’m fortunate to have had a lovely time with my family at the coast; the gale force winds have given me a new awareness of the term “Cape of Storms”. Yet, the unexpected weather has given me the ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year. I looked at what has worked for me and what I’m grateful for. It was also an opportunity to be honest about disappointments, look at goals I didn’t achieve and purposefully make new choices and select different actions for the next few months.

I encourage you to do the same.

These 5 questions might support your reflections for 2019:

  1. What do you spend most of your time reading/listening/watching?

We are was we repeatedly do. Embrace a “growth mindset”. Consider if the books you’ve read, the movies or podcasts you’ve watched or listened to, did they build or break down a mindset of continued growth? Did they contribute or restrain you from achieving what you really want?

  1. What did you worry about this year and how did it turn out?

We can easily fall into the “worry trap”. In which situation did you worry most? During those moments, did you focus on the aspects that were outside or in your control? Choose wisely how and on what you spend your energy and focus.

  1. What surprised you the most the past year?

Life is full of surprises. How did you respond in these moments? Our perception determines if you experience these surprises as good or bad. It is powerful to know that you can stretch your thinking and challenge yourself how you will respond to these surprises.

  1. What made 2019 unforgettable?

There is usually something that stands out each year. The start of a new relationship or friendship. It might be celebrating a special birthday or completing a degree. Perhaps it was something less significant… but ensure you have selected the occasion that made 2019 unforgettable for you. And remember to share it with a loved one.

  1. What do you choose to do differently in the new year?

We need to adopt an experiment and learn approach to life. Part of our reflection process is to consider what you would have done differently going forward. We need to give ourselves grace and focus less on the “mistakes” and more on the lessons learned towards making life more meaningful.

Feeling incomplete?

After reflecting, you might experience an uneasy or incomplete feeling. It is a normal feeling. These incompletions can link to outstanding goals, a relationship, a broken promise or a forgotten dream.

As a consciousness coach, I recommend the below quick exercise, it will be helpful to address any outstanding issues of 2019.

Use the following questions and answer it honestly:

  1. What feeling can you acknowledge about this situation?
  2. Is there something to let go of?
  3. Any decisions to make about this matter?

Let me use a practical example to illustrate this. One of my goals was “To live a healthier lifestyle”. I didn’t achieve it as planned. If I’m honest, I took a step backward. Here is how I have tackled this exercise:

  • Point 1: I acknowledge that I’m disappointed and frustrated with myself about not achieving this goal. I also acknowledge that I have the power and knowledge to make the necessary change.
  • Point 2: I can let go of the guilt that unconsciously weighs me down and I decided to give myself some grace and commitment to make a small daily change to form new habits about my lifestyle.
  • Point 3: I decided to get an accountability partner to support me in reaching this goal.

Reflect on these questions for each matter that consumes your peace of mind.

Now that you have been intentional about completing the past year, it is time to dream big!

Make 2020 significant. If your dream doesn’t scare you, is your dream big enough? Have the drive and discipline to turn your dreams into a reality. Be in action. Be present. Create new habits. Be curious and learn. Think about the first steps towards achieving your goal and take it. Even if it seems like a baby step, it is one step closer to where you were.

Remember: Small consistent incremental steps go a long way in achieving sustainable results.

My wish for you in 2020; may you confidently grow in the direction of your dreams.

Let’s do this!

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