These keynotes will help broaden your thinking around your influence and impact as a leader.

1. Embracing the Agile Workforce – How to be a Chameleon Whisperer

In this ever-changing world, where we see trends in changing demographics, mobility, the gig economy and the use of technology as a competitive advantage. We need to understand the impacts on these trends on future of work. A new way of leadership is required, a new way of engaging with teams. Have you adjusted your behaviours and mindset accordingly? It is all about the employee experience; have you adopted an agile mindset as a leader?

2. Leaders as coaches – The best way to develop high-performance teams

Understanding the new role of leaders (as coaches) within the organisation. Why is it important for any leader to embrace a coaching approach? Can all leaders be coaches? Assess the tools in your leadership toolkit and decide which ones can be replaced to increase your influence. Get insight in the latest methods to empower your employees.

3. Build yourself a great story – What would your headline title be?

We are what we repeatedly do. The choices we made today has a direct impact on our future. What is your next chapter all about? Have you defined your ambition?  Are aware of what might be holding you back? How do you address these? Are you consciously growing in the direction of what you have been dreaming about?

Let me speak to your staff and ensure you are top of an engaged workforce.